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    1. It’s a shitting image of jussayin’. I guess all those Big Macs that fat cunt eats finally paid off for her.

    2. Super witty, true-slutsausage. Not. Never had one, but I’m sure you know the term because you most likely work or worked low income jobs such as fast food joints. Ever been to the republic of Korea? Or outside of your home country? Chances are seriously not likely, retard

    3. @truexile and jussayin’… Can’t you two quit arguing, just get along, and agree that I’m the sassiest cumdumpster bitch on this site?

    4. You are missing what 2homo’s saying, ok she has slimed down a bit since the modeling job,, but do not let you be fooled by the butterfly tights and frozen plimsolls, that gook’s is Gary Glitter’s fuck in the butt.

    5. Welcome Back, Beefing My Ass
      I see you and BullShit 2lolo are friends… But Keep BullShit 2lolo Away from your Boyfriend FRED…

  1. @fake 2lolo. You’re a piece of shit because I know the real 2lolo would never steal other peoples material. ‘cumdumpster’? You seen me post that word first

    1. Try again, cupcake. I’ve been using that word since I had my first BBC. And that was years ago. I get your jealous that I get more Dick than you… But the internet has been around since the 80s. You didn’t cum up with every word on it.

    2. Ok right everyone Epic Faiil community, don’t respond to 2loll or 2lolo, because there just doing it to get rise out of eveybody lets just ignore them and get on with our day. Jusssain i know what your one on about i once posted prase arse cunt fany licker ball bag he used it in his next post :.( :.(((

    3. @beef ass… As sexy as a phrase “ass cunt Danny licker ball bag” is… Rest assured before right now I have never Used that phrase before in my life. However, it is pretty catchy and has a nice ring to it. Maybe I can convince Tyrone to call me that while he is plunging my b hole with his summer sausage

  2. Anyone been to South Korea? They are just about as nuts as the Japanese. Another example of what happens when you turn a sovereign country into a NATO colony and stuff it full of foreign debt and “values”. The result? Nothing but shit. “Multicultural” is a euphemism for “just like everybody else”. Liberalism is a disease, and apparently it has a shit museum!

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