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  1. Fuckin rednecks. I can’t stand hicks. They look like damn fools wearing their camo all over town and to Wal-Mart With tabacca in their lips driving their beat ass ford f150s around.

    Me and Tyrone are gonna take a trip down south some day just to bust some hillbilly heads.

    1. @BullShit 2lolo
      True.!!! Tyrone will take you and Fred to Pimp you out and Fred… To Rednecks with Small Cocks, so you and Fred will take on more and more….

  2. Is the fail that fact there is no fail? What we appear to have is a photo of a male named Robbie that has stated that he is “just hanging out” whilst wearing a bassball cap that possible shows his appreciation for either Bass fishing or for a chain of fishing stores call Bass Pro Shops. Surely with the internet just full to the brim with idiots still puts crap like this up

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