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  1. big guns for a girl for sure, but I bet if the guy lost some fat you’d see more definition in his arms and he’d be bigger, maybe..
    anyway, it’s all set up, they plant people like this to act out a bit for the camera, it’s all part of the entertainment.

    1. look bigger is what i meant, this way you can’t tell how much of his arms are fat. the His arms are bigger but how much of it is fat? so lose the fat=more definition=looks bigger/more muscular.

      but maybe it’s all fat and he’d just become a scrawny little bastard…..


  2. Well, still just the right amount of muscle for a woman, I’d say. She’s visibly toned but she doesn’t look too “manly” when she DOESN’T flex.

  3. FAKE
    just like almost all the kisscam flexcam and other bs. you dont think they just HOPE someoine is here to pose for the ads do you?
    you do i know you do. idiots

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