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  1. The only fail is having a painfully slow car. Second to that, ya can’t hug inside curves where you can’t see. Otherwise, I’ve seen plenty of these kind of roads where the posted limit is 55. The van was also to the left of the “center”…

  2. That car sounded like A piece of crap anyway. Gotta love how you blame the trailblazer for doing the exact same thing you did for half the video… drive in the middle of street.

    Tyrone said youre A fag

  3. Jason; The punishment does indeed start around 1:50. How about cutting about 1:40 off the clip next time. Thanks.

    1. I this instance I’d concede the preamble underscored the pathetic finale. He got 99% of the way to the top (where I was expecting a deer, a car, whatnot, and succumbed to low-speed crash through a wooden fence.

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