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  1. Serious question. Since when did receiving any form of assistance from the government become looked at as a grandiose idea?

    1. Grandiose since around 2008; a life goal since about 1992. Acceptable and justified since 1976. That just about covers the math-to-lib numbers. But more important to note is that government assists nobody, produces nothing, and helps itself. People innovate, produce and help, the government is just a broker that “assists” in the transfer while taking their commission, like the guy in Office Space:
      What exactly would you say it is… you do here?

      I’m a people person damn it! Can’t you understand that?!!!

    2. Since for the majority of the fucking leaches on it they get an easy free ride to live better than the rest of us that work our asses off day in and day out for what we have.

    1. Is that so, Nikki? As you clearly wrote, YOU know more republicans on welfare. That has nothing to do with statistical reality, but in your case, sheesh, I’m sorry to learn that about you. Guess it’s time for you to pack up the ole trailer and head off to a better neighborhood (lot). Oh and who exactly was defending republicans? Your crazy found a crack and managed to sneak out.

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