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    1. My mum bought this and it turned her tits inside out, what you don’t know is that its 110v over here we use 220v sockets that what worng with that.

    2. BEEF ASS. . . You make no sense. . . This is a bra to which pumps attach. . . Your mum is an idiot or you sir are a liar.

  1. It’s a bra that pump can be attached to. Not bra that pumps. Like regular bras it can be washed. Absolutely no fail.

  2. It’s just a bra!! It’s not a pump. You wear the bra and it holds the cones from YOUR OWN PUMP in place so your hands are free. I bought this same bra online 6 months ago. Whoever thinks this is a fail, FAIL!! Too funny.

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