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  1. that pickup had it coming. yeah the camero driver was aggressive but it’s easy to get frustrated when some ASSHOLE is deliberately blocking the passing lane. and how about the guy with the dash cam, blabbing on the phone while driving? only innocent victim in the accident was the semi truck

  2. I’m a professional driver and I hope that both of these assholes got dangerous driving tickets. The left lane is for passing and the shithead in the truck could have pulled over to let the aggressive Camaro prick by. The semi truck driver should have been aware that the Camaro jerk needed to go by too and he could have slowed down to open a gap. IF YOU ARE NOT PASSING THE VEHICLES ON THE RIGHT, GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE LEFT LANE. If an asshat is driving like a douchenozzle then get out of his way and steer well clear of him! They can’t hit you if they are way down the road.

    1. Agreed. I hate stupid fucking assholes like that. They do that shit on purpose. Fucking left lane driving cocksuckers.
      That douchebag should’ve gotten the fuck over and let the Camaro driver pass.
      Nobody has common courtesy anymore.

    2. Wrong. Camaro driver was 100% at fault. Truck driver was justifiably pissed for almost being run off the road earlier.

      Camaro driver was arrested and charged with Aggravated Driving While Intoxicated and Aggravated Unlicensed Operation Motor Vehicle.

  3. camaro driver was 100% at fault. Sure the truck driver was an ass. But that’s no reason to cause a 3 car pile up on the highway. He had zero business driving in the grass trying to pass on the inside.

    1. No one can deny that the Camaro driver was at fault here, but clearly the pick up truck caused the situation. If I purposely blocked you walking on the sidewalk for several minutes and you ended up pushing me out of the way would it have entirely have been your fault?

    2. Your scenerio isn’t exactly the same. Let’s say you and some grandma were walking down the sidewalk. You are both blocking me. So I walk out into the street then tackle you at the same time knocking over grandma. Am I 100% At fault? Yes. I am. Not only that I’m a total asshole and deserve to die.

  4. Well, I live in the Utah/Idaho area, and drivers not letting other drivers switch lanes is common. You learn to deal with it; it doesn’t have to result in an accident. If you ask me, that guy in the Camaro was out of line. It’s a good thing it was video taped.

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