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  1. What a fucking twisted, sick world. Faggots, libs, free-roaming apes, everything abnormal is the norm. Stop the planet please. I’ll get off here. Disgusting.

    1. Frustrated because you didn’t find this Joe on Craigslist?

      Jealousy and Anger are capital sins Rob, you know that?

    2. Was your second sentence a question? Oh, right, you’re a nlgger. Did you mean CARDINAL sins or capital VICES, or is the nlgger version of the bible printed in spook-speak? Wait, what am I saying! Hahaha I wrote that with the implication that you can read. Silly me.

      FYI, I did not find Joe. She found me. I had no idea Joe was short for Joequanda and that she had an autistic child named Nogen. Anyway, I did her a solid. She should be back home any second. Don’t mind the ammonia smell. It’s her new perfume. Apologies in advance for my having eaten asparagus.

    3. Hey Rob!

      I’d really like to chat with you, but I must go now.

      Yeah, today, this is my cousin’s marriage. They are gays, so they came with a really funny concept for the wedding. All the mens must be wearing women clothes and all the women will be wearing male dress. Man, there will be tons of fun, believe me.

      I got to go. See you!!

  2. Hmmm is it weird that the only thing I could think of while reading this is that, “this guy has very neat, girly handwriting.”

    I bet this guy did it, he drives a ford so can’t have that high of standards, lol.

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