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  1. Take a look at that MacBook. There’s a huge Phish sticker. Hipster that is not, what’s the opposite of hipster? Dorkster?

  2. Another Epic Fail by Jason. It isn’t flirting. It’s a douche blocking everyone behind him from seeing while recording with his laptop like a ass.

    I personally would have “accidentally” bumped into him and knocked it out of his hands, stomped On it, and probably spill my beer on it.

    1. Uhhh, whatever “Dick Ball Sucker”. In your Gayest wet-dreams. You’d probably get your head bashed in w/ it, broken or not, after you grabbed that ass from behind. Fagg0t ^Ss outta here.

    2. I’d cup both my hands and give it the ol’ volleyball.
      Believe me, it works.

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