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    1. Computer is choking on this gif; have no idea what’s supposed to be going on. It’s almost 1 frame/sec.

  1. Standard reaction from a garden variety ape: destroy. They can’t conjure anything more creative. Rudimentary respect or the ability to take “fuck off” for an answer triggers their visceral wild instincts as opposed to humans who react by dealing with the situation using their brains in a civilized way. Just look at Baltimore. No sign of human life.

    1. Its amazing how you can turn any event into something regarding races. Its like you have no other purpose in life…

      OH WAIT

  2. Hope what happened off camera was him beating her ass to a bloody pulp then smoking that cigarette as the fire dept rolled up to clean up the mess….

  3. To be fair maybe he asked her for a light. Oh well, thats a blessing that was a freakin ugly ass car anyway.

  4. WOuld have been fine if the moron didn’t pull the hose out and with the damn thing locked open as well. But since he did he should have doused that ni66er bitch with it, and save the world the problems in the future.

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