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  1. What a fucking tool.
    I love it when douchebags like this guy get face and neck tattoos to try and look tough. Well, in this guys case it didn’t work. He still looks like a God damn pussy.

    1. Agreed. Mike Tyson proved he was a badass and THEN got the face tattoo. It says “I can beat the fuck out of you and I’m insane.” Just getting the face tatt only proves the insane part.

    2. Was going to say the same thing, I bet this tools plan was get the tattoo, then bitch and moan because he cant figure out why he cant get a job.

    3. Jay; I’m guessing the tattoo isn’t the only thing keeping him from getting a job.

    1. The tattoo around the eye also makes a nice target when his inevitable encounter with the police occurs.

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