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  1. The entire upload fails on several levels. cos(30) is 0.15425… for starts. If it’s a joke, then it belongs on a joke-site, not EF.

    1. It’s the square root of 3 divided by 2 on the radian circle. Cos is always less than 1 and greater than -1. Think they are getting desperate for new material?

    2. I have idea what they’re doing. (√3)/2 is nowhere near 9.45, and there’s no trig function on that thing anyway.

  2. OK, let me try to deduce what this EF fail is attempting to do.
    1. It’s clearly a joke-post. Joke pictures belong on a joke-site, not on a site renowned for capturing the quintessence of real-world idiocy in all its miserable glory.
    2. Fictitious ‘idiot’ goes to bed so drunk he punches wake-up alarm into calc instead of into alarm.
    3. Supposed idiot is so hung over in the morning he thinks the quotient of (√3)/2 is 9.45.
    4. Calc was in full function mode when he went to bed, but reverted (as mine does) to simple automatically, after value returned.
    4. Editor knows the cosine of 30 (not 21, or 359, etc.) is a cardinal trig value.
    5. It isn’t 9.45. Not even close.
    6. Conclusion: EF editor was EFfing plastered to the gills when he entered the post.

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