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    1. Should have been euthanized before getting knocked up. Women who create FAS are scum

  1. Another bright future brought to you courtesy of feminism, libtardism and modern parenting. She should apply for that kid to enter child beauty pageants and pave the way to Hollywood early on. All the makings are there.

  2. Looks to me like the bottle is already empty. If not I’d just about guarantee its water and a joke. A bad joke at that

  3. This is why abortion should be free and not frowned upon. It is also why birth control should be free, but that shit isn’t 100% effective.

    1. 1) She’s native
      2) She’s Canadian
      3) I saw the original post, she says it’s a joke and she’s not really pregnant, but she’s loving the “fame” she’s getting from this..

  4. I hope she does have the baby. SO one day, it can grow old, see this picture, blames her for everything bad that’s ever happened to it and all the physical and mental disorders it has, then stabs her.

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