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    1. There’s only two options:
      That guy won’t be playing again until next year.

    2. Who cares. Both soccer and Europe are full of gays. I might feel bad of the guy was actually an athlete playing a sport. But since he is a fairy that is more of an actor than an athlete I say… Good.

  1. it happened in germany in the soccer league last week. the guy broke his knee.a totaly desaster.everything what can broke or split in a knee is splited and broken. this guy will never again play a match. his career is over for ever. the teammanager gave him another one year contract posthum as a sign of solidarity with him. they know that he never will play a match again. end the guy with the ball of steels. he had not a single broken ball.he played like a boss and wiped his shorts clean. that the whole story.

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