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  1. There was this sci-fi movie not too long ago, can’t recall the name now. It was about an alien infestation in… was it South Africa, johannesburg maybe? It sucked. Anyway, the humans had this technological device that when it was turned on would translate the gurgles and coughs from the aliens into human words. Now that invention would make money! Google needs to add “nlgger” to its list of languages in their translator so normal people can understand what the fuck shitskins are trying to communicate to humans.

    Not a damn word! Not a one.

    1. Oh, really? So… Lemme get this straight. You think that just because someone is using some really obnoxious, headache inducing text slang and making a fool of themselves that they’re immediately as black. Wow. That is really ignoet and just plain arrogant. For all you know… Wait. I apologize. You’re clearly blind in this matter. For all anyone with a brain could tell or so much as give the benefit of the doubt to, this person could merely be a drunk texter. Or high. Or both. It really doesn’t matter. What does though is how you think that a person sounds black or Asian or white or tan or yellow or like a green little bastard sprite child that was concieved between Santa’s elf and Mrs. Clause. You can’t sound like a color. Different people were raises under different circumstances but you can still only make a really good guess at best unless you see them right in front of you with your weak, superficial eyes.

      And honestly… If they are black… Who gives a damn? It could be written by a male or a female. Written to either gender as well. It could be a gay text, and guess what… Still doesn’t matter, hater.

    2. I love how you involve everything into racisme.. Its like you got so much purpose in your life… OH WAIT

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