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  1. Wow, what ever happened to that? Personal responsibility and individual pride, no matter where or what, even if at a shitburger peddle-post. At some point kids were taught the basics of growing into adulthood. Even the nlgger in this video is excusable for a normal guy hoping to ascend into something useful. It’s sad, because this video truly captures the severity of what 30 years of depravity can do against 250 years of build-up. Like a house of cards, it takes nothing to destroy a thing built by hard work over a long time. Fuck it. You get what you as for, voters.

  2. It’s strange that McDonald’s is having financial trouble despite allowing blacks and mexillegals to use their EBT cards there. Couple that with the record number of EBT users now in the country and the influx of millions of new mexillegal democrat voters, and you have real puzzle. Mickey D’s should be raking in the dough with all those fat fucks spending my tax dollars at that place.

  3. They wanted to use the real Michael Jackson, but they could never get him out of the kid’s ball pit.

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