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  1. Not sure why the people were laughing so much. He could have been hurt, should have invested in a Chevy. I’ve done that 100 times in my chevelle and obviously that has never happened.

    1. Lol nice rebuttal, what year chevelle do u have. Just finished my ’72 a few weeks ago. Just an amazing classic, I’ve done this a few times but only to assholes who rev their engines and try and cut me off so they deserve this. However my rear axle never came off,lol. He should have built the car better, I wouldn’t say its a bad car just a bad build.

  2. They were some annoying mofos, but it is funny because you know the guy is a total Douche. The only thing worse than an asshole like his a Harley rider that cracks the throttle while sitting at red lights and while going under bridges.

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