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  1. She steps on his arm. And bieng of colored skin its the nature of these people to be disruptive and loud when there is more than one , she got what she deserves

  2. Why do black people always find the need to sing and clap everywhere? Sit your ass down, and learn to improve your future.

  3. The poor kid was already giving the person filming the finger. You invade someones private space with that shit and this is the result.

  4. I saw something similar on National Geographic the other day and saw these pavement apes relatives doing the same thing in the trees.

    1. I have heard of ‘yard apes’ and ‘Porch monkeys’ but have never hear d ‘Pavement Apes’. HAHAHA 0 THAT is a new and creative spin on things. I will remember that LOL.
      This fucking site NEEDS to adjust the database so that fucking people can choose to follow a thread (commented pic/vid) regarding replies – so i can learn some NEW shit that i will NEVER EVER see again from even this very comment… sad epicfail… OH… EPIC fucking fail… BUT I under stand… LOL Rob would probably have a fucking email box FULL of haters LOLOOLOL

  5. I love the site, but does it have the most ignorant, unpleasant trolls posting anywhere? I count five here alone.

    1. You know, when you get stuck on 5, you can always use the fingers on your other hand.

    2. They are just calling a spade (so to speak)a spade. The fact that you refuse to see it, or if you do see it you refuse to acknowledge it, makes YOU the ignorant one.

      Talking smack about out of control black people that act like wild monkeys isn’t ignorance, and it is only unpleasant if you are black or a white apologist with a ton of unnecessary guilt pounded into you by liberal idiots.

      They are only telling it like it is, being accurately descriptive and honest. If you can’t deal with that, then that is your own issue.

    3. @Buster – I bet he could count only to 20 if he was standing naked in front of a mirror, though.


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