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    1. Spoken like a person who is well and truly jealous of all Americans and everything that America has to offer its citizens.

      Grow up, and get over it, please. If your third world country really sucks that much then just move. Don’t hate on Americans for what they have and you lack. Manners included.

    2. I’d take it over the soccer loving, sister humping, chicken shit culture of the UK anyday.

      You can base your opinion of the USA on one dumb dyke bitch. I base my opinion on 500+ years of culture in the UK

    3. @Dick Ballsack

      UK culture is older than 500 years

      – when modern America was born .
      What technology did you use ?
      what economic structure did you use ?
      what political system did you adopt ?

      BRITISH is the answer your looking for – a culture that took us 1,000’s of years to evolve too and many wars ,occupations, rapes and pillaging
      you kind of devalue your own argument/statement by not understanding evolution

      what you have evolved our culture into is too erratic. it’s like a drug addict with a extreme fixation ie: money and the bitches
      you have the most self absorbed and delusional population in the world most Americans couldn’t even tell you if there was countries outside the USA . SO i am a little surprised you know about 500 years of UK culture

    4. @ stebburn. Now you sound like an idiot. I am of slightly over 20 years old. The United states barely over 200. Of course the UK is WELL over 500 years. But really none of that is of matter. It’s ancient history. The United states has advanced the world more over the last 15-30 years than the entire world was able to accomplish over many centuries. Sure we have some Fuck ups. Some really trashy people. But never forget your history. Scumbag. don’t try and play all high and mighty with the US. The world would still be in the dark ages if it weren’t for us.

    5. @Dick Ballsack

      early 20’s it shows , as you are naive to how the world works

      LOL the world would be in the dark-ages if it wasn’t for the USA . What a load of self absorb, narcissistic bull-shit . YOU are one of the DUMB trashy people you speak of as you have the attitude

      by the way the dark ages were over around A.D. 1000

      America is leading the world , but it is in economic terms . Which it then turns into military while cites like Detroit and new Orleans have the bottom falling out of them. American ideology is far to consumed with the big picture that it is neglecting it’s own. So you are a Joke in humanity terms . which could be said about how it treats the bottom individuals of society as well ( it’s all about the green )
      But even as we speak that role is beginning to be challenged as china buys up gold reserves and American bonds . Foreign governments have bought 46% of the USA debt ‘YOU ARE OWNED’

    6. Of course he didn’t mean the LITERAL dark ages, he was just trying to make a point. A valid point that you are attempting to invalidate by nit-picking at the little, inconsequential details of his narrative. Nothing you said disproves any point he made, and all you are doing is attempting to switch topics in an unsuccessful bid to distract people from the truth in his statements.

      Considering it was originally a British colony, there is little to wonder about that there are some similarities. That doesn’t mean that your system is superior in any way, because you will please note that we never had a king. We adapted laws from more than just British society too, especially once we expanded past the original little bitty country we were when we so wisely broke off ties to Britain.

      As for neglecting our own in favor of others, and it all being about the dollar, I couldn’t agree more, but for entirely different reasons. The whole world is on America’s welfare system. We annually pay billions to support useless lives in Africa where the ecosystem is too weak to sustain the numbers they have built to, artificially supplying the means to make our burden greater every year. We should stop it. We supply billions to other countries all over the world including, notably, former enemies of the state who either collapsed militarily or economically. You cannot say the same of your own little postage-sized stamp island.

      We supply even more billions to the UN. In total the USA supplies over 1/4 of the total money used by the UN, plus we pay the costs for security, provide all services, and all supplies for this parasitic organization. This useless piece of garbage uses mostly US dollars for actions and decisions which go against our interests about 80% of the time.

      We have saved your asses in England 2x against Germany too, just in case you forgot. I noticed that you declined to mention it. When you can say that you have done more to help the world, instead of being so Anglo centric that all you can do is ignore the problems of the world, and then spew poison at the USA, then you can talk again. Until then, shut your bloody, ignorant gob, you crooked-toothed, limp wristed limey.

      Good fight. Good fail. Good bye.

  1. FUCK THE UK!! Bunch of rotten yellow tooth pussies that the USA would destroy easily if we went to war but the UK would back down quick as hell because they know they wouldnt stand a chance.

  2. Facial piercings and all.. This horizontally challenged, limp wristed, waste of space wouldn’t do too well in prison

  3. I like it and it’s true that’s what life’s all about, maybe there going to have get high and go on holidays on there legs

  4. Everyone who doesnt wish they lived in America. This chick or thing thinks shes hardcore with her fatass and fatass brother taking the pic please stay home I never want to see the likes of either of you on the street. 🙂

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