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    1. Its fake. Twats online getting trolled complete. Ive personally consumed ghost peppers before and it’d when the capsasium hits your tongue that causes burning. Not swallowing. And you don’t feel it instantly. It builds up over a matter of probably 30 seconds. You just got trolled by Jason and look like a fool. Scaz is an EPIC FAIL

    2. It’s okay to be opinionated. However, being opinionated and stupid is not okay. It’s known as capsaicin not capsasium and it does not cause burning, it causes neurotransmitters in the brain to interact with transient receptor potential cation channel, subfamily V, member 1 (aka TRPV1). Were you born stupid?

  1. If he’s never tried ghost peppers (or anything like a chilli and stronger) before, and bit down on it so he could swallow it better, yeah, I can see that happening that fast. I’m used to chilli but my first little flake of ghost pepper started its heat in a few seconds when I chewed on it.

    Better get out a quart of buttermilk or yogurt for that kid.

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