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  1. Ah, Nunya married another one of his sisters. How sweet.
    I guess that means another little mongoloid is on the way.

    1. For the thousandth time, not American. Don’t live in America. You are proof that nlggers don’t read and are just stupid animals.

    2. I don’t think anyone really cares where you live Nunya. Fact is you are a trailer park trash loser who’s entire life is consumed by racism. You have a deep seeded desire for BBC in your mouth. There is no other explination as to why you turn every post into a race issue.

    3. Dick, don’t know you say the BBC, with rob the BBC is proper left wing acouding to tories anyways.

    1. Yep go up in the mountains in WV you’ll find creatures like that hiding in the trees just yell yes haw and they’ll comeoutwth shotguns they usually only marry there kin so like this couple here did. And watch out if your another other color then white you might just yournass shot fednto the pigs.

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