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  1. Thats only 100$ in American currency and about 90 in Euros.. Just enough to get a gym pass and beef the fuck up. Scrawny little white boy with a big tattoo

  2. Good enough country to help support yours.

    Wait what’s that? We didn’t take over our resources and land to occupy more people and immigrants then we could feed actual real food?…

    What’s that? Canada wouldn’t be around if we hadn’t won in the Civil War?…What’s that? You’re all proud for no reason?

    What’s that? You can’t even get a decent human being to look after any medical injury without costing you astronomical amounts of money?

    Yes, you be proud of all your money backed up by legal tender, meaning, jack shit. While Canada continues to enjoy it’s miles of farmland, clean air, and healthcare. Which is what actual profit is, space.
    Fucking retards.

    Have fun, you’re really not the real country anyway. If you actuallly pay attention to the South Park Movie they look down on every act and make fun of America’s jokes towards other countries that are doing better. And well, not getting bombed.

    1. Calm down, Miss Reguard. As I’ve said in other posts, Canada is like our gay brother. Not like our asshole brother Mexico who keeps getting into trouble and asks us for bail money. We’re cool. But you’re still gay.

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