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  1. “Hey’l naw! I’z juz bar-win’t ossifer! I’z ain’no thief!” Another poor, misunderstood black man accused of something IT didn’t do. Isn’t that right all you nlggers out there who like to throw your monkey shit at my comments? Ha ha ha ha ha. Of course. Ay-ay-ay (while shaking my head with a smirk).


    2. “Nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.”

      You’re not better than any of the people you hate so much, Rob. See, I don’t care about you (I’m not such a good Christian after all) but here’s my advice anyway: Watch the words coming out of your mouth for you shall inherit everything that you say…

  2. Go to any post on Epic Fail with a black person and you can be guaranteed that Rob Nunya will be there in the comments with his pig ignorant racism. I can guarantee he lives at home, doesn’t have a decent job, is badly educated, and probably never had a girlfriend. The reason he spends so much time on the internet spouting racism is because he is a complete loser, whose life is in the toilet, and the only way he knows to feel better about himself is by mocking strangers because of his race. It is so pathetically transparent it is laughable. I’d suggest he work on improving his own life instead of spending so much time trying to knock down other people, then he could have something to be proud of other than the color of his skin.

    1. I didn’t know epic fail had an essay contest. I know it’s paramount for you to label me a racist and pretend I’m some down-and-out loser in order to make yourself feel better and justify your position on social matters. If not, it becomes apparent that everything you wrote up there is little more than your own status being projected outward and pinned to anyone other than yourself. That way you can pretend that you matter. I hate to break it to you, but I am actually quite well off, highly educated, and am actually asked to speak in my field. I know, I know. It’s better for you to recoil into rejection of reality and use the fact that we all maintain anonymity here to shout no! But that’s the handicap, isn’t it? Oh well. Hope that made you feel better. Once again however, I need to remind the blind and stupid that I am not a racist. That’s ridiculous. Racism implies that I am being prejudice toward another race of humans. Nlggers are not humans. Your conjecture is equal to calling someone who points out the obvious dangers of lions and then avoids them with humor, racist. If stupid is a punishment sentence then you’re a lifer. I’m just pointing out the obvious. My comments are all honest and factual no matter how uncomfortable. Yours are merely the skull vomit concocted through years and years of brainwashing, social engineering and PC reclassification of everything that already had a name for millennia. I feel truly sorry for your generation. It’s why I don’t hire 99% of applicants manufactured from western countries. You’re all overinflated with mental mush. Happy happy joy joy.

    2. >Makes fun of lb 22 for making a long post
      >Makes an even longer post than him

      And thats the simple example we need of an ignorant narrow minded cowardly racist 😉

  3. The FAIL is the fact that all the other losers in the cars and the assclown that took the picture didn’t do anything to stop that waste of life from stealing. I can only hope that next time that guy steals something of theirs and nobody lifts a finger to stop him.

    1. More like steal 2 bikes, get a bike rack free.
      Nig.gers must be getting lazier than usual when he left his bolt cutters under the bridge he lives under.

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