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  1. HA! Love it. I hate those faggoty, cocksuckers on their stupid bikes, hogging up traffic lanes and shit.
    I hope this polesmoker split his head open when he did that and his brains spilled out.

    1. What about the faggoty, cocksuckers that don’t ride bikews and just post stupid shie about other people? so you din’t get confused, YES I’M TALKING ABOUT YOU!!!

    2. Dennis, you must be one of those faggoty polesmokers I was referring to.

      And learn some English, dipshit. My brain hurts just trying to read your gibberish.

    3. Sorry Dennis, I hate Mikey and Busters comments they are obviously small minded, hick bigots who comment on EVERYTHING with their crap but your comment was painful to read.

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