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  1. What do you expect from USA Police officer?

    Beat black people!
    Be FAT
    Be Retarded

    Can’t handle a situation?
    Don’t worry shoot the fk out of them!

    1. Awww. Poor lil fella. Scared of guns huh? Let me guess… You are also afraid of grass, the color red, and your own shadow too? Why don’t you just grow a sack and stop crying about the USA all the time?

    2. Unevaknowwhoiam is some pathetic Canadian bitch who wishes he was 1/10 of our average homeless person. Chin up, Uneva; much like our homeless, you will also die of AIDS (Anally Injected Death Sentence) which you undoubtedly contracted after a back alley encounter at your local queer bar.

    3. Im no an of todays cunt cop. Most of them are power tripping and are below the national standard in intelligence and many carry a fucking complex. But did it ever occur to you that maybe the actual reason blacks are incarcerated 7 times more than civil folk might just have to do with black people? Fuck man get your head out of 1880 and fuck off already.

  2. Still good enough to eat from our farmlands and use our manufacturers though.

    Give me a break. This is about how shit a Segway can be no matter who uses it. No need to take it to the next level to piss off some American’s that our as proud to live where they are as are we. I’m pretty sure all we care about is making sure we’re able to keep it that way.

    Speaking of the Segway….what’s the weight limit? 😛 😉

  3. You actually have to score LOW enough these days to be a cop. This proves it. What the hell? Why are we allowing these fat fucks to waste our tax dollars? They are nothing but city security guards. That is ALL. Supreme court said so. NO CONSTITUTIONAL binding at all. Fuck them.

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