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  1. I can hear the gold digger describing her new interest to her friends. “He’s an attorney! Makes $150G’s a year!” AHAHAHA! Serves her right

  2. There are only two reasons a guy would ever get married.

    A. They are truexile or Rob nunya and if they ever found a girl that would talk to them much less sleep with them they better put a ring on it.

    B. You’re drunk and stupid.

    1. There are four possible reasons that one would think those above are reasons:

      A. Illiteracy

      B. Mental handicap

      c. Social handicap

      D. All of the above.

    2. Rob Nunya reacts like this because:

      A. He’s mad

      B. He’s inbred redneck with no sense of humor

      C. He’s a narrow minded racist

      B. All of the above

      D defintly D 😉

    3. Wow, asd. You declared the answer as “D” when that wasn’t one of the choices you offered. At least you weren’t trying to insult someone else’s intelligence when you made your post. Oh, wait…

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