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  1. jussayin’ got some pretty sick ink, congrats! I cant believe she could fit a 1/2 scale tattoo of Africa on her back, but she is the fattest cunt I know, so if anyone can pull it off its her! I recommend getting a tatoo hungary on your face next.

  2. Funny. I always thought it was “once you go black, you’re a single mom”. Or “once you go black, boom!! Chlamydia”

    Oh well.

    Just remember, once you go white, your future looks bright.

  3. The tattoo artist forgot Madagascar. It’s pretty this time of year after the rain season. Very diverse ecosystem. Ever been there, truexile? Or ever left your home country?

    1. Oh shut the Fuck up would ya? Sure truexile is a complete fag. But you aren’t any better. You are just a blow hard that thinks you are so sophisticated, when really you are an idiot like the rest of them. Just do yourself a favor and keep your trap shut for a change.

      “You forgot Madagascar”, duh Huhu, gee.

      You sound like an idiot.

    2. That sucked. I was called an idiot by an anonymous person with positive symptoms of FAS online with the username ‘dick ballsack.’ How can I ever bounce back from such an atrocity? Your posts are lame, but knowing that my posts and comments upset you makes my day that much more enjoyable. You can do better than I bet, champ

    3. Ive been to Africe you little shitstain. And i can attest that every where it is just black people it is fucking disgusting. Even Madagascar. They have managed to destroy 90% of the island and kill off most of the original species. All so they could make a couple dollars and buy a shirt. The BLACK companies doing it dont care. In fact , the blacks don’t care. They destroy EVERYwhere they go. The exception are the tribes that shun the existence of the rest of man. And even then, there are groups that will kill each other just to be the ones to say they did. So if you think Africa is some pristine holier than thou continent, fuck off. They will kill the very last rhino for its horn to sell it to the highest bidder for about 12 dollars. They are NOT the pinnacle of culture you dick.

  4. That sucked. I was called an idiot on some anonymous site by a person who shows positive signs and symptoms of FAS and goes by the username ‘dick ballsack.’ How will I ever recover from such an atrocity. Your posts are lame, but knowing mine piss you off makes my day that much more enjoyable. You can do better than that, champ

  5. All you whites are just a bunch of ball sucking cry babies – none better than the other and are all rejected by some black pussy. Fat ass racist rednecks – go eat a dick … if you haven’t already.

    1. Oh Oh. Looks like somebody is butthurt.

      Anyways, I’m not going to waste my time arguing with a lesser mind on an anonymous Internet forum. I order to speed up this whole shindig, just answer me one question:

      Name one invention to come out of sub-Saharan Africa in the last 500 years? Caveat: it must have furthered humanity in some way.

      PS: you can keep all the black pussy you want. I’ll pass.

      You actually think we WANT a black woman that mostly look like black men with tits? You fucking moron. NO one wants a black woman except a din do

  6. I’d add a comment to this photo but why ruin perfect self degradation when it’s so poignant all on its own. Go get’em Misty-eesha!

    1. Columbo, glad I’m not racist either. I just think bestiality is wrong. Apparently for others it’s a tossup.

      And once you go Thai, it’s ‘prob’ly’ a guy. But again, tossup for some.

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