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  1. How about reacting and driving out of the way or HONK THE FUCKING HORN? No this cunt just sat there and watched it all go down. No evasion no horn just an idiot.

  2. I’ve seen this once were a lifted beat-up truck backed over crotch rocket. Only because the asshole rider cut off 2 cars, 1 of which had kids in it and almost swerved in to a concrete median trying to avoid hitting the bike. Then cut off the truck, so that was kinda justified. So unless this was a similar scenario, this just looks like stupidity.

  3. Redneck Sucking was teaching Dick 1 BallSack how to Drive.!!!! As Dick 1 Ballsack was ready to CUM in Redneck Sucking Mouth.!!!!! Dick 1 BallSack was Backing up.!!!!!!

    1. The bike was in neutral jackass. He clearly let the clutch out to try to move and realized quickly he needed to bail. But please, tell us about how someone ruined a several thousand dollar bike for a couple views on youtube. Fucking idiot

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