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  1. Fake. Fake phone. Who goes around videoing people they pass and even then flip to continue shooting through the back window?

    1. JJ you must be a piece of american shit. They are not europeans as you can see on the number plate, they are russians, and your are way too much dumb than they 😛 so enjoy your life

    2. “and your are way too much dumb than they”??? What the fuck are you trying to say???

    3. Well Buster, what asfs is TRYING (and failing) to say, in extremely broken English, that he is an ignoramus, a Euro-Peon, and a dumbass. As such, he is extremely jealous of Americans because we don’t have to wait 10 months to see a doctor, we have all of our teeth, and are recovering from the recent world financial crisis much faster than his backwards country. That being said, don’t be too hard on him, he is eating sour grapes and hates his own life.

  2. Poor prick just suffers from arthritis of the middle finger… have to drag that nokio 5110 out of the bedside draw

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