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    1. Lol. Probably trying to get Jamals attention. I heard his relationship with Tyrone didn’t end on a pleasant note.

    2. That 2lolo. He’s a little cum-whore, isn’t he?
      Wonder if he cheated on Tyrone?

      That’s the problem with sluts like 2lolo, they’ll fuck/suck anyone that comes their way.

      Anyways, from what I’ve seen on the site, looks like this was not the first time 2lolo left Jamal only to cheat on his new boyfriend, but it seems Jamal will take 2lolo back, despite his sluttiness.

      Now that the SCOTUS legalized same-sex unions, maybe 2lolo will be looking to settle down and stick to a single BBC. Best of luck to him.

  1. How Nice.!!! You two Shemales found each other.!!! GOOD.!!!! When is the Date of your Wedding.???? I want to send a Wedding Present…. His and His BaseBall Bats.!!!!! Or a Super Size DIDO.????

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