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    1. No, you’re a little on the “thing” side. I would never expect your uppermost level of cognition to know or to have read about that symbol’s history nor am I surprised that you immediately grope for the most obvious and unoriginal; but, albeit in bad taste, I hardly think that tattoo had the intention your inner genius imagined. A book or two might do wonders for you, but obviously that would mean you would have to learn to read and write and clearly that’s a project you have long ago chosen to give up on.

    2. Whoops! Sorry. Forgot who I was writing to. You are a dummy-dummy stupid-head. There. Now you’ll know what I wrote up there.

    3. @ Rob Nunya
      Forget Dick 1 BallSack.!!! On the Internet Dick 1 BallSack Act like a He Man… In Real Life Dick 1 BallSack is a Shemale.!!!

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