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  1. This is WIN ! These animal abusers got what they deserved, just weird that they are still shocked when something like this happens. Lol ! GJ Bull ! ;D

  2. Oh the animal lovers are out tonight! Yippie!!!

    Hello, fellow like-minds. I too am an avid supporter. Thank you for having me. With that I would like to point out that femignats, bulldykes and nlggerbucks are being systematically dragged away from their rightful homes in Frisco, Christopher Street and African’t respectively, and are then being artificially deposited into strange human city environments across the world by a corrupt and hungry half-human, half-ape in Washington, D.C., trained to read a teleprompter and dance on command by his evil, half-bald, short and old human zookeepers. Let’s stand up for justice and fight, fight, fight! Animals have rights too, dang it.

  3. Oh look. Primitive 3rd worlders doing dumb shit that anyone with a brain can tell will end bad, then they act surprised when things end bad. Darwin would be proud.

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