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  1. the worst in all of this is that these fuck’n’retarded idiots are allowed to vote. No wonder why the GOP is using the stupid god fairy tale at each corner to get votes …jeez

    1. Except this is from AFRICA you frigging moron. The last time I checked neither the Democraps nor the GOP get votes out of foreign countries.

      While we are at it, here is another news flash for you. If they HAD been American citizens your idiotic comment STILL wouldn’t apply. Everyone knows that blacks in America, like most other welfare recipients and various liberally retarded idiots, ONLY vote Democrat. This is because the libtard party supplies them with govmint cheese, and Section 8 housing, and all of their other daily needs and wants. Why would blacks vote Republican? That mean old GOP would want and expect them to have self pride and to work for a living instead of receiving a free ride.

      I would tell you to use your brain, except for the fact that I understand that it no longer functions properly. Too many years of brainwashing and conditioning ruin the ability for critical thinking.

      Oh well, keep on fighting for what they tell you to believe, I guess?

    1. The real solution to solving hunger in Africa is to immediately STOP sending them food. We have been artificially supporting a populace for decades, which only artificially INCREASED said populace which already could not support itself. We need to allow them to fail and die out to a normal level of population that their ecosphere can support. Sending them food laden with birth control meds for 10 years would be a much better alternative to sending more food to artificially support a proven failed cause.

      Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. This is one of those cases. Once their population is down to 1/10 of what it is today their ecological system will be able to support itself. We do them NO favors by keeping their numbers so high that they have ZERO chance of EVER supporting themselves. All we are doing is making a new class of foreign welfare recipients that no one can afford to support indefinitely. Cut them off and do the world a favor I say.

  2. Folks, let me handle this.

    1. Is it just me or did Jason the admin just bring EF back with a vengeance? Doubtful, but I give credit where it is due. Way to go bumbles! The sun has shined on the dog’s ass and the broken clock just struck 12:07.

    2. Grass fed KFC, anyone?

    3. When left in their natural habitat chimpanzees rarely feed carnivorously. Obama, take note! Michelle’s swinging somewhere around the world again.

    4. Fact: Plants and animals know how to coexist naturally. It is us humans who trivialize nature, even if we do make it yummier.

    5. Nlggers.

    6. People are sheeple but apparently sheep can be gods to lower species.

    7. How many times have I said it, but ape turds are perfectly organic. Stop the hate!

    8. Nlggers.

    9. Has anyone ever tried cultivating monkey foie gras? Bet it’s rustic and ashy with earthy notes, full bodied and dark with a hint of ebonic overtones, yet satisfying with a hint of grass scented crispness and a sun-baked watermelon finish.

    10. Nlggers.

    1. That’s what I was thinking they’re just doing that so they don’t have to mowbtheblawn this week

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