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  1. Christ! Faggots and trailer trash. Behold the fruits of western dichotomy. Divide and conquer I suppose. My fellow conservative minded people, how can you deny abortion in the face of shit like this? Let them! PLEASE!

    1. When you define your existence based upon only one of a total two perceived probabilities based on limited, filtered, and spoon fed information, you inadvertently expose your entire potential respectively; and so here again you offer yet another supporting example that liberalism truly is a mental disorder.

  2. Smoking while pregnant: nice. Nothing like directly injuring your child before it’s had a chance to even see the light.

  3. THAT’s Dick 1 BallSack Ex.!!! Every Time she wanted to be Fuck… She can’t Find Dick 1 BallSack Dick.!!!! Now she Fucking a Nig.GA.!!!!

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