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  1. Well, it has something to do with ‘political’ and ‘politicians’, so she got that part right; wait a minute, uh… well correctness is important, I mean ‘right and wrong’, but she said that… lesseee, did I leave anything out…

  2. What Woman Need be Intelligent when your Beautiful and Sexy as her.???? As long as here Pussy don’t Smell like an Ass-o.??? I’ll take her home.!! And have her Pussy siting on my face.!!!!!

    1. Well, you just spilled the beans about yourself. You are certainly NOT intelligent. You have zero grasp of grammar or spelling or proper sentence strusture. How fucking ironic.

  3. WHY? Why do they even pretend to give a FUCK what these narcissistic whores have to say? They are cum dumpsters with NO intelligence. Why do they continue to ask these empty headed idiots anything? Just fucking end this charade.

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