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  1. No, Ellie is a clear-as-day mud-chunk. Lived all the way to 24 did she? Wow! Almost 8 years past the average life expectancy of its species. Impressive.

    1. I wanted to say that yesterday but figured someone would ‘dumbass’ me and post a link to show it’s a stylistic l-variant.

  2. Clearly this tattoo artist did not know how to do the shading for a black person portrait. can you blame them?

  3. This is the level of intelligence in the black community. Get a black face tattooed on your black body and expect anything other than what you see here. Fucking BRILLIANT.

  4. Look at the size of the pores on the arm! I am not sure if they are really pores, pock marks from the needle, or pitting from whatever disease he caught from a unsanitary tattoo establishment. Any road, it is pretty horrible.

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