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  1. Shouldn’t have been a cheap ass? She put in all that effort to give you the slightest feeling that you might have a chance. That’s her job, it should have been the security’s job to send you the fuck back home. Which probably means this was a cheap ass club as well. So how the fuck did this guy in afford glasses? and will he afford more in the future after this terrible incident?

    1. You’re right. I sincerely apologize. Nothing less than a quarter from here on out! I meant no disrespect. It’s just that I was in a rental and the truck stop diner was closed; next town was 80 miles north of WashMyClothesNowCuntVille. Had to grab a bite before dawn and let’s be honest, your time vs. and order of french fries?

  2. Highly doubt that happened. You just broke your glasses on purpose and made up a story for some attention, sad state of affairs. 🙂

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