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    1. Missretard, you fought for abortions to be legal. You insist they be allowable at all times of human life. Lead by example, will you? Make the ultimate sacrifice and prove your devotion retroactively, for the cause. You will be a hero. I Promise! I pinky-swear.

    2. Yes, we women know we are much better at oral sex.
      Please improve, we might even nag less? Pinkie promise.

  1. I do enjoy how you managed to come up with a new name for me as well. I could think of a couple of others that would suite you very well, but I don’t need to sink down to the masculine-macho-chimpanzee replies that you also seem to detest yet show a very good demonstration of.

    I don’t know why you insulted me? I never directed any comment towards you and I actually enjoy reading some of the things you discuss but I do believe that people are getting to you enough that you’re now constantly replying.

    I expect more from someone like you.

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