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    1. Exactly! Fucking morons breeding morons.
      This world really is failing and on the road to idiocracy.

    1. It sure looks like it, and it sure looks like this was supposed to happen, the two clueless retards commenting first and second clearly missed that.

    2. OK, here’s my take: you can see there’s a chopper at 12 o’clock above the far top corner of the deck, between the trees. The bad guys are in the hot-tub. The chopper fires a missile at bad guys and the missile and fireball are composited in post-production CGI.

    3. My comment stands. I dont assume these guys are the idiots. How many regards die in deck accidents per year. Asshole.

    4. Well why don’t you make such a comment on an actual post of a Deck Collapsing and not one that is obviously a stage scene for a film. Other wise you may as well list everything else that idiots do.

    1. Done… WHAT any better? Better scene? Better crappy deck-seating? Better photograph? Better lighting? Better upload?…

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