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    1. Weird, huh. I’ve never seen Jason go after anyone but you. I guess he’s shock of old man racists trolling his site.

  1. * sick not shock. Damn autocorrect. If your old ass e ever gets out of the stonage youll feel my pain.

    1. The “Stone Age” is two words, not one. The word “you’ll” has an apostrophe in the middle of it. Extra, seemingly random letter “E’s” in sentences do not belong there.

      If you ever learn modern English and look back at how you used to write, you will feel MY pain. If you are going to criticize others, get your own shit straight first son. Stones and glass houses, buddy. Stones and glass houses.

    2. @ Dick 1 BallSack
      Maybe I was Mistaking.?? Was it you who told Redneck Sucking to Sit on your Face.??

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