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  1. Please; this MMA stuff must stop. I can’t stand the site of blood “…back was BROKEN.” Oh dear. Oh mercy. I fainted seeing that.

  2. God what a fucked up generation. I can’t believe this has become a form of competition. The Overton Window has slammed shut in the face of human potential for decades to come. The introverts and pussies have stopped getting their very necessary ass kickings that bind the mental and physical to create relevant human beings. Evolution is moving backwards while technology moves forward. Fags, asexual geeks and libtards have inherited the earth. It’s almost as if the Bible really did have a metaphorical point. Someone, get those kids some pussy, stat!

    1. Says the guy who is commenting from his computer at home as always. So which one are you?? A Fag or asexual geek?? And I’m sure you couldn’t find your way to a pussy even with directions. You sad, sad boy.

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