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    1. Jesus fucking Christ. It annoys me to no end that you put a period in the middle of that word. If you are going to type the word then just type it without spacing it. Fucking own that you are racist and be done with it.

    2. Hey Ambrosia: could you please not use “Jesus f…king Christ”? That’s soooo offensive to Christians. Now don’t spill a lot of hate; I’m just sayin’. You might be a nice person and all. But prove it.

  1. Just looks like a typical nlgger family orgy to me. It’s natural for apes to exhibit this behavior in the wild. Even faggot supporters use their example to make feeble attempts at excusing faggot behavior. That and the fact that nlggers are habitual incest practitioners. In the US they are 4 times more likely than humans to molest babies (I have previously cited D.O.J. statistics on this) and in west African’t they regularly rape and gang rape toddlers (as well as goats) to avoid contracting AIDS and still get their jollies. Source: USA Africa Online: “Child Rapes”; also: CNN, 2001, “World Africa: Infant Rape”.

    Plus, this she-boon is probably an inner city public school English teacher of all things.

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