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    1. Well, Harry and Lloyd, or should I say Gary and ace? It’s quite obvious to anyone with 2 brain cells can see it’s a guy hyperextending his knee. Which basically means his knee is being bent in the opposite direction it should bend. It’s a very serious sports injury and is very possibly career ending

    2. that was my immediate impression, but his shoe seems/seemed conformed for a normal flexion but now I notice the leg pads, he doesn’t seem to have any ass so I figured that was crotch side, but the other leg doesn’t look right then, and of course he’s looking the wrong way, so I figured maybe the real fail is that his neck is broken and but what’s with his arms and then like Blabla says what’s that weird, bend sock/handkerchief thing coming out of his pants but I guess you’re right but the whole thing still looks weird on too many levels

  1. Re-run. 2nd time this pic made the Epic Fail cut, and that’s just my recollection. Means it’s probably more like a Texas hat trick by now. Another epic fail by Epic Fail.

  2. Read Dick 1 BallSack…
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