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  1. 0:24 ‘Do it, before the shoe worries.’
    0:52 ‘Faisel, get your shoe.’

    guy has a thing about Faisel’s shoe. Because the shoe worries?

  2. 3:40 vid length. S-s-s-skip! EF is run by an idiot. Based on the heading and the still frame, let me guess. A needless, should-be-extinct, excess biomass tried following its pre-set, natural course of instinctive selection and jumped off the London Bridge, trying to fulfill a responsible duty to the human race by offing itself. But NO! Along comes some attention whore, some ignorant bystander who knew too little, or perhaps even taxpayer funded medical personnel, and stopped this generous act of unselfishness.

    Oh go ahead. Be original. Say, “Oh look it’s Rob” or something.

  3. Actually this video isn’t really a fail at all. Not really sure why it needed to be posted on YouTube though. Him and his friend probably made a bet. And he went through with it. The only fucked up part is when he yelled for help his idiot friend started laughing.

    1. It’s a fail because he didn’t listen to his friend and he jumped too late. So his shoe worried.

    2. OK Dick 1 BallSack, It’s your Turn… Remember to Fall Face First and Flat.!!!! If you happen to Die.???? No Lost.!!!

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