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  1. No surprise. First faggots can marry, then comes legalized incest and pedophilia, and pretty soon bestiality. Anyone not familiar with the Overton Window or Joseph P. Overton’s principle should read the book. Yes, READ. Shit, I forgot where I’m posting this. Never mind. Lookin good America! Lookin good.

  2. technically having sex with a STEP Parent or Sibling is not incest since you are not related by blood and since they allow gay marriage these day marriage dont mean shit anymore anyways.

    1. I think people who are against gay marriages just don’t want to see something they can’t understand. They are not hurting anyone. Funny how some church people are against it since they should be tolerant to different lifestyle

    2. Right on! “Church people”. Are those like people-people or more like driver people or like school people? No wait, like no-so-goo English speaking people posting awkward Japanized comments on an American site kind of people? Because if so, don’t go choking on any cock now, ya hear! Hey slant-eye, how about some tolerance for those who don’t agree, as in 90% of the world’s population? Oh golly-gee whiz. I guess faggots and brains aren’t for everyone.

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