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    1. What did the redneck sister say to her brother after they finished having sex?

      -you fuck just like daddy!!!

      What did the brother says?
      -I know, that’s what mamma told me!!!

    2. What did the redneck say when she lost her virginity? “Get up, Pa, you’re crushing my smokes.”

    3. Lol nice jokes i love anti-redneck jokes. Got one for ya,
      How do you circumsice a redneck? Kick his sister in the
      Whats the smallest muscle in a sheeps ass?
      A rednecks

    4. -what’s the favourite sexual position in the trailer park?
      Doggy style, that way both can watch NASCAR at the same time.

      -what’s the definition of a redneck virgin?
      A 12 y/o that ran outrun her brothers

      What’s 40 ft long and only has 14 teeth?
      Front row at a Garth Brooks concert

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