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    1. Actually, no. That’s a Porsche 918, pricing starts at 845K or so before options (which are very affordable, as always. 63K for special paint and 32k for magnesium rims), but good luck finding one at MSRP. So this is, in fact, a million dollar mistake.

    2. What is he going to do, replace the whole car instead of just getting it repaired? I don’t think it is going to cost $1 million to fix it. I can’t see why this is titled “million dollar mistake” or why it is being argued that it is.

    3. The million dollar mistake was buying a million dollar car with only 10 dollar driving skills.

  1. “This video has been suspended either due to a copyright claim, or for violating the terms of use.
    Explore other videos →”
    For those late to this dismal display of brain-damaged driving, and even worse video editing, Google:

         Watching this guy crash his million-dollar Porsche

    ( bgr • c0m/2015/ etc. )

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