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    1. You know I love it when I get all you nlggers and liberals riled up. As if somehow, magically, one of your kindergarten comments will do… what exactly? Get me to stop? You just confirm that I’m on the right track. The more idiots I piss off the more I post. What’s funniest to me is that some of you libtards actually make fun of your own political position by calling me names of the reflective virtues I chastise in my condemnation. Take you for instance, “Uncle Fuckus”. I say faggots are bad. You say no. Then you call me a faggot. I say nlggers are animals. You say no. Then you append a “Hey that’s Rob” comment under some nlgger’s photo as it eats a banana (or what have you). How is it exactly that people like you manage to get through a day? I couldn’t imagine you as an engineer or a mathematician, or, say a business professional. Your only hope is minimum wage and 4 more years of Obama; otherwise, the amount of forethought in your comments is directly proportional to the size of your IQ.

      That was long, but I’m just confused by retards and genuinely want to understand how they manage to live a life.

    2. Actually uncle nigus; this is tattooed on a progressive liberal faggot’s forearm.
      Clearly, this is not Rob.

  1. WTF! “Caitlyn” is fucking disgusting,why would anyone want a tattoo of such a gross ass fucking thing

    1. We still don’t get to see those bony, vein-encrusted, old-geezer forearms and hands that were oh-so-adroitly hidden in the original.

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