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  1. Ay! Ronda Rousey. Poster child, rags-to-riches roadside white trash. Nothing has been more detrimental to this sport other than the revenue for Dana (kiss media ass) White. What a sellout punk with his white nlgger rich ornament. Anyone who is a true supporter of MMA has the wherewithal to boycott the UFC. Once innovative and original, now the same ole shit. If you’re a fan of MMA, do some digging. The UFC hires marketable fighters, not the best ones. The best ones are eating cereal and fighting for $5k/year, and they’d put any UFC “champ” in a wheelchair. Anyone who knows MMA, knows this.

    1. Ah, yes! Yet another subject Mr. Nunya is educated in. He even managed to sneak in a racial slur. Something tells me that Ms. Rousey would make you speak that sentence through a jaw that was wired shut if you said that to her face. Good on you, Mr. Nunya, proving yet again that you are nothing more than abasement dwelling troll that is all talk and no backbone. Go outside sometime. Just watch out for these ‘fraud UFC fighters’ you are harping on. They would still mop the floor with you!

    2. Rob as usual, you’re full of shit. I watch a LOT of different promotions, big and small. Yes there are some beasts in other promotions. But there’s a reason why UFC has stars, they are the best fighters in their weight class.

    3. Ay!

      jcred (what a typical nlgger name), yes I am educated in this subject and trained in MMA in Amsterdam so, um, fuck you. I don’t claim anything other than having been a part of this sport on a civilian and fan level but I have fought and I’m guessing that’s further than you have ever gotten. 40 oz. Beer curls on a Saturday with yo homiez, charring ribs and listening to your 18 unwed mammy babies run around with diapers full of more nlgger babies hardly equates to your being an expert. So crack open a grape Hi-C and mix it with some malt “licka” and cheer for Ronda. Were she still in her trailer you might have caught a free blowjob. Her type just love African’t anal-baby vine-hoppers. Btw – this is a troll site dipshit. It’s what it’s designed for. As for basement, LOL, like another of your mud-pops once said, I’m rich, beatch! So I say what I want, how I want, and love that it pisses off idiots. Yeah, Ronda may sure give me a rough day, but I’d bet my boat that jaw of yours wouldn’t do so well with me either, couch champ. Can gorillas eat through a straw? I’d have to ask a veterinarian. So polish your rims, cash your welfare check and go watch MMA in your hood. It’s free every night between midnight and 4:00 am. Wear a vest.

      beakt, good point. I don’t know. Cris Cyborg for sure, but she’s technically still UFC. Paige Van Zant, Laura Sanko, Rachel Wray, Carla Esparza, Tiffany Van Soest, and a few others come to mind, although I agree that they may not beat Rondtrrash. But where in my comment did I say there’s a buunch of women fighters that can beat her? Only just now did I say Cyborg and I think millions would agree, but I said “fighters” before. I was referring to the men’s divisions. Frankly I could give 2 shits about women’s MMA. Not a fan. Although I’d watch a Cyborg-Rousey fight for sure. My comment was directed at Ronda personally, and at the UFC as an organization, as well as the FACT that the UFC does not have all the best fighters by a country mile. They are just the most publicized and best paid.

      JK, wrong. Listen to Randy Couture, Jeff Monson, Stitch Duran, Nate Quarry, the entire Gracie family, and almost (ALMOST) all of the original UFC and Pride fighters. I can go on. You’re like every other idiot who gets their info spoon fed to them and became a “fan” only when it got popular to be one. I’ve been a fan (and an amateur participant) before you knew what MMA even was. I do give Dana credit for giving the sport its reputation and popularity but that’s as far as it goes. You’re the type of person who enjoys the taste without questioning where it comes from, or for that matter how. You’re the “I’ll take the blue pill” type. I can tell because you know shit about MMA. The UFC pays the most and spends the most, thus it is the most publicized. With that (and you would have to understand basic business principles at least at the drooling Special Olympian level to get it), comes marketability before all else. Dozens of previous fighters have earnestly admitted it. They wouldn’t even let Emelianenko fight in the UFC because they knew he’d tear a whole in the HW division. They waited until he was over-the-hill and would take less $ and used bullshit politics to feed the fans nonsense as to why they wouldn’t let him in or sign a co-agreement with M-1. Dana made up a bullshit story about the deal and shit-for-brains like you just ate it up with joy. Yuh! Real honest! Pfff. Don’t people even have the ability to question ANYTHING anymore? The TV box says so so it must be true? Sad. Sad for the sport really. Do the best fighters hope to get into the UFC? Obviously! It pays the most. Do they actually get in though? Are you serious? Your argument is juvenile. You watch a lot of promotions? Where, in the US? Do you even realize there are literally hundreds if not thousands of promotions worldwide, from Dubai to Japan to Russia to Holland to The UK to Ireland to, ad infinitum? I assure you your cable provider will never show them to you. You have to get on the internet and do some digging, and maybe even know another language or two. There are guys in places like Dagestan that can suck the paint off your pickup truck (just being presumptive here) with the wind slice from one of their kicks. And there’s literally HUNDREDS of them, but they will never ever in a million years see the MGM lights. Dana would never hurt a million dollar baby of his.

      Yeah? So now what? beakt, you’re the only one who chose to ask a relevant question without sounding like a disturbed fucktard, so this is not meant for you, as for you other 2 shining examples why abortion should be legal, here’s a nice, healthy chunk of Nunya dick for you to gurgle on.

      I should know better than to post non-troll comments here anyway. It’s the only reason I come here. Couldn’t help myself and voila! I turned over a rock and out crawled these dung beetles.

  2. Funny! Long-winded that you are, you seem to have no problem thumping your chest (rich, lol. Trained in MMA, hilarious!. Still racist!) You identified yourself as a troll on a troll site…….then you thumped your chest some more and spewed even more racist drivel (you know, the stuff you claimed on this very site you never do). I absolutely know you’re a troll, I never doubted it. You even claim it here. Just try harder to be less obvious.

    And FYI; racism isn’t trolling, it’s just plain ignorance. Clearly you dwell in a basement as you seem to have enough time to scour wikipedia for all the ‘knowledge’ you claim to have in response to people calling you out (you know, on this troll site). Perhaps instead of coming here to troll with your ignorant sense of entitlement and trolling elitism, you can actually contribute to society and leave your mom’s basement! There’s a wonderful world out there with real people who are smarter than you……..oh wait, I think I figured out why you troll here, instead of going outside……

    1. I know. He does it all the time when he believes people take him seriously. He then closes a statement by saying “I should know better than to post non-troll comments here”. He most likely suffers from a common long term troll issue called “believing the lie”. So many trolls suffer from this. It stems from living in a basement and having little vitamin D. Going outside cures this, but we all know trolls fear the outdoors. As well as the people that will expose said trolls.

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