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  1. She’s got a stupid name and an ugly face. For her sake I hope she has a bangin body otherwise she is going to be single until she learns to like black guys

    1. No. She’s actually smart. She knows damn well, dating sub humans will only end up with her pregnant and a single mom on welfare; causing a lifetime of heartache, because no self respecting Caucasian will date a fucking mudshark.
      She’s just keeping it real.

    2. are you gay ? men will fuck anything that is presented to them – even ugly birds get fucked . Men even stay with ugly birds as a girlfriend as there is only two things we need a garage to park our penis in and someone to make us a sandwich when we are playing xbox

  2. JD, that’s from Tinder.
    And I don’t blame her one bit, white people breeding with dark skin inferior race monkeys is a crime.

  3. That bitch must think people are blind, she is hispanic, no true American looks like her, plus she better not be to choosy,i seen rats sexier looking than that barf bag

  4. That must make it interesting to shop…

    “You have everything I want in the store but I can’t talk to you.”

  5. Let’s play I-Spy. “I spy with my little eye… 4 nlggers in the comment section above.”

    Oh and Uncle Fuckfist, when I said “my little eye” I didn’t mean my brown eye so put the tissue and lotion away! Nothing worse than a figger.

  6. I love how in the comments, the nlggers are still in the minority. Symbolic. Good thing nature and reality aren’t moved by the will of apes and animal rights Nazis. I’m talking to you Colonblow, Uncle Rimkiss, Blah’ck, and Dick. Not to dwell in symbolic metaphors, but I see a great case for grape flavored monkey sodomy among the 4 of you. You should exchange contact info and get a move on. Those asses aren’t going to fuck themselves.

  7. The world hate Americans you ignorant people can’t even get along with eachother and you people trying fix world problems what a joke lol

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